Simplify your life through seasonal eating, modern homesteading, eco-friendly living, and family travel.

From-Scratch Cooking

I’m glad you’re here!

Hi! I’m Michelle juggling the joys of four busy teens while striving for a more sustainable lifestyle. Come along as we seek a greener, more satisfying way of living. Let’s team up to grow, cook, and eat local, seasonal cuisine and make mindful eco-conscious decisions both at home and on travel adventures too!

bowl of homegrown tomatoes

Our Mission:

Our mission at Simplify, Live, Love is bold! We can all strive to do better for the greater good. Just one small change today to live more sustainably and reduce our carbon footprint can make a huge impact! Alone, our actions may seem insignificant, but when we come together, our choices snowball into something amazing! We want to be your inspiration and help you every step of the way. We strive to

  • Support a self-reliant and resilient local food movement.
  • Promote growing, eating, preserving, and cooking real food both at home and during travel adventures.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint through conscious eco-friendly choices.
  • Make sustainability an everyday habit at home and while traveling.

Family Travel

Modern Homesteading

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Eco-Friendly Living

chickens and garden produce

Let’s be environmentally friendly together!

If we all take small actions TODAY, we can make the Earth a better place for us all! Let Simplify, Live, Love hep you start to take those small actions today!